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Gary Soloman - Electric Bass

The story of the man and his 1961 Fender Jazz Bass is one of enduring passion. Having experienced the highs and lows of a continuous career in the Australian music industry which spans many years, the journey continues. Growing up in the Australian outback his early childhood was marked by constant traveling from town to town having attended over 25 different primary schools. In his own words “ Our family really had a gypsy existence for the most part of my youth”.

Somehow the love of soul and blues fitted perfectly into the story of his life, set against the backdrop of the Australian landscape.

Gary has performed with International Music legends Bo Diddley and the Drifters and many Australian Artists including Soloman and Lacey, Ross Hannaford, John Paul Young, Marie Wilson, Doug Parkinson, John Young, Colleen Hewitt, No Exit, Aussie Rock Gods, Modern Life, The Freezone, Sharin Anderson, The Blue Angels, Hey Gringo, Tom E Lewis, Delilah, Alison Durbin, Ricky May, John St Peters, Sam Linton Smith (The Night Hawks), Geoff Bridgford (Bee Gees), Samba Over the Rainbow Room and many more.

 He has performed on major Australian Television shows including “Hey Hey Its Saturday”, “ IMT” with Frankie J Holden,

The “Denise show” and Channel Sevens “Today Show”. He has achieved two charting hits in Australia with Marie Wilson and his bass playing can be heard on dozens of albums and recordings.

To this day Gary Soloman is in demand for his skill and soulful Bass playing both live and in the studio.

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