Where Bo Diddley meets the Veronicas and chanelling the 70's vibe is where 

Soloman and Lacey are most at home.

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Black Cat  Official Video Clip

 Losing You Official Video Clip

Butterfly Effect  Official Video Clip

 Heartbeat Official Video Clip

 School Days Official Video Clip

 Demons & Angels Official Video Clip


New Single 'Butterfly Effect'

Demons and Angels front cover.jpg

Demons & Angels EP

Soloman and Lacey

Dancing On Diamonds Album

Soloman and Lacey
Soloman and Lacey
Soloman and Lacey
Soloman and Lacey
Soloman and Lacey
Soloman and Lacey

                                                                                  Soloman and Lacey


                                                      Gary Soloman –Guitar/vocals and Tallulah Lacey- vocals/percussion


-- Are music recording artists based in Melbourne Australia with a unique Pop/ Rock style reminiscent of “Fleetwood Mac”, “Joni Mitchel” and “Angus and Julia Stone” their songs are layered with harmonies and infectious rhythms.    

The essence of their success is simple, “Keep it real, keep it live, and let the Muse be our guide” 


The familial duo have released seven Albums to date, achieving airplay on stations Fox and Nova Fm with their last  full length Album “Dancing on Diamonds”. Their latest 4 track EP Release ‘Demons and Angels’ is out on Halloween 


Soloman and Lacey have performed to over 1,000,000 people on prime time Television. Between them appearing on numerous TV shows including “Hey Hey its Saturday”, “IMT”, “The Good morning Show” and the “Denise Show”. Soloman and Lacey have performed in Entertainment Centres - including Festival Hall, Palais Theatre Melbourne, The Entertainment Centre, Crown Casino, and RSL’s, Hotels, Clubs, Major Festivals. Gary and Tallulah have been members of past bands including Bo Diddley, JPY, Doug Parkinson, the Vernonicas, John St Peeters,


                                                                                 ‘An exciting musical act that will last test of time’



Upcoming Gigs

Feb 24th 2018 Palace Hotel, Camberwell

Apr 11th 2018 Lomond Hotel, Brunswick 8:30pm

May 5th 2018 Murrindindi Wine Festival, Taggerty

Aug 22nd 2018 Lomond Hotel, Brunswick 8pm

Aug 25th 2018 St. Andrews Pub, St. Andrews

Oct 20th 2018 Private Function

0ct 27-28th 2018 Rennie's Art Gallery, Acheron

Nov 11th Yarck Hotel 2-6 PM

Dec 2nd Yarck Hotel 2-6 pm

May 11th 2019- St. Andrews Hotel 1:00pm

June 19th 2019- Lomond Hotel

July 13th 2019- St. Andrews Hotel 

Nov 30th 2019 White Lotus Performing Arts Centre

Dec 1st- Lomond Hotel

Dec 7th 2019- St. Andrews Hotel 1:00pm

Dec 14th 2019- Rennies Art Gallery, Acheron

Dec 26th 2019 - Torquay Hotel

Dec 31- 2019- Traralgon RSL NYE

Jan 11th 2020- Torquay Hotel

Jan 25th 2020 -Musicland

Jan 27th  2020 -Warburton Australia Day Concert

Feb 28th 2020- Private Function

March 14th 2020 -Rennies Acheron

March 21st 2020- Alexandra Races

March 26th 2020 - Stay Gold Brunswick

April 18th 2020-St Andrews Hotel Afternoon

April 18th- 2020 Quite Man North Melb

April 25th -Private Function

May 2nd  2020- Little River Wine Festival 

May 16th 2020- Moe Hotel

May 23rd 2020-  St Andrews Hotel

May 27th 2020- Lomond Hotel

May 30th 2020- Quiet Man North Melb

June 6th 2020- Private Function

June 13th 2020 -White Lotus Performing Arts Centre













Recent Past Gigs

Sept 4th 2016 Thornton Hotel

Oct 23rd 2016 Thornton Hotel

Oct 24th 2016 White Lotus Performing Arts Centre

Dec 3rd  2016 White Lotus Performing Arts Centre

Jan 29th 2016 Thornton Hotel

Apr 19th 2017 Lomond Hotel

Jul 1st  2017 Open Studio Northcote

Sep 23rd 2017 Private Function

Sep 24th 2017 Bar Open Fitzroy

Sep 30th 2017 Rubicon Hotel Thornton 4pm

Oct 7th  2017 St. Andrews Hotel

Oct 28th 2017 Alexandra Races

Oct 22nd 2017 White Lotus Performing Arts Centre

Oct 29th 2017 White Lotus Performing Arts Centre

Nov 17th 2017 Private Function

Nov 25th 2017 White lotus Performing Arts Centre

Dec 1st 2017 White Lotus Performing Arts Centre

Feb 24th 2018 Palace Hotel Camberwell

Feb 27th 2018 White Lotus Performing Arts Centre

March 24th 2018 Private Function 

April 21st 2018 Rennies 

May 5th 2018 Murrindindi Wine Festival  
















With seven Albums between them, ‘Soloman and Lacey' are Gary Soloman and Tallulah Lacey, their rootsy pop songs have distinctive melodies, infectious rhythms and an instantly appealing sound. Their latest single recording “BUTTERFLY EFFECT" was released in May 2019
 Soloman grew up in the Australian outback traveling from town to town he attended 25 different Primary Schools, searching for stability he left home and at fifteen with “bass in hand” Gary learnt bass as a protégé of legendary Australian Bassist Ron Terry.  By the age of eighteen, Gary had already performed with Bo Diddley and as he continued his musical journey, he ended up performing for The Drifters and a host of other top Australian performing/recording artists including Doug Parkinson, John Paul Young, John Young, John St Peters, Ross Hannaford , Modern Life, The Freezone, Sharin Anderson . He would go on to achieve two charting hits in Australia as a bassist in the Marie Wilson band. Lacey’s baptism into Rock 'n' Roll began at a very young age and she was often found backstage curled up asleep in her father’s guitar case. A trained dancer and singer, it wasn’t long before she was also found centre stage performing with the Veronicas at the age of sixteen. With a strong and infectious voice, Tallulah contributes in equal measures to the Soloman and Lacey sound. 
Their song writing has a distinctive pop rock feel, mixed with soul and R n B roots throughout. The Red dust gypsy blues is never far from the surface of their songs that deal with love, loss, social and environmental issues.  Soloman Lacey’s philosophy is simple: “Let the muse guide our way, be the best we can become and allow synchronicity direct our musical journey."











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